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Guide to Creating a Successfull Homepage

So you want a homepage...The first thing you need is an idea, what do you want your page to be? Maybe about food, or comedy, or a page like this one.

The second thing you need is an E-Mail address. When you sign up for a free homepage, they'll probably need an E-Mail address to mail you your password. You probably already have an E-Mail address, given to you by your Internet Provider (i.e. America Online or Compuserve). If for some reason you don't have an E-Mail address or you want a different one for security reasons, you should visit my E-Mail page and sign up for one.

Third, if you know nothing about HTML, you should sign up for a homepage with an HTML editor (i.e. Tripod, Geocities, Angelfire). An HTML editor does all the work for you, you don't have to know anything about HTML. HTML editors are limited, if you want to really customize your page, you should learn HTML. HTML is not easy to learn, don't expect to know in one day. I have made a list of great HTML tutorials on my Help page.

If you want visitors to site, you have to Submit your page to search engines (i.e. Excite, Yahoo!, Webcrawler). You may also want to add META tags to your page.

If you want to make some money, you should try and get some advertising on your page. Some advertiers will not pay unless they know how many people visit your site every day, week, or month. You can solve this problem by using a counter or a tracker. A counter simply counts the number of visitors to your page. A tracker is a lot better, it counts the number of visitors and gives you whole lot of other helpfull facts (i.e. the visitor's browser, what homepage they are coming from). I recommend using a tracker, check out my Trackers page for a list of the best trackers on the internet.

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